Monday, May 29, 2006

Regginos finishes 48th with a 3-5

Final update
Dimitris Reggions got the 48th position out of 68 contestants. Dimitris managed to win all the games against the shodan players he was matched with and lost from 4 and 5 dan players. This is considered a great success and we congratulate Dimitris for representing Cyprus so well!!

Congratulations to Dimitris, the first Cypriot shodan Go player!

Two more rounds before the completion of the 27th WAGC. Dimitris won against the Portuguese representative (shodan) and lost from the Danish representative (4 dan) today. So far Dimitris won against both shodan players he played against. Tomorrow he will be facing the representative from Luxembourgh, who is also a shodan player.

We wish Dimitris good luck, and we look forward to his report as soon as he returns!!!

Original post
Dimitris Regginos lost his first two games to the representatives of Sweden and Belgium (5-dan and 4-dan respectively). The third game was against the representative of Ireland, also a shodan, and Dimitris pulled his first win in the championship.

Dimitri, best of luck! Have fun!

The championship results are updated on the web site at

Some of the games are also available for playback via the above web site (look for the "Kifu Viewer" option from the main web page - Active-X is required).

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Regginos represents Cyprus in the 27th World Amateur Go Championship in Japan

Dimitris Regginos is in Japan, representing Cyprus in the World
Amateur Go Championship taking place on 28-31 May. Information on the
Championship can be found on the site

You can find Dimitris' picture among contestants at:

We wish Dimitris to enjoy this Championship to the fullest and we wish
to him good luck for his games!

We will update you on his progress as it will be reported over the
next few days.